Congratulations To The Doritos Finalists

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But check our ad out, too
Here is our entry into the 2010 Crash the Superbowl contest. It wasn’t one of the six finalists, but we’re quite proud of it. Let us know what you think.

Late last year a small group of craftspeople took over a home in Dover to shoot a Doritos ad for the company’s annual “Crash the Superbowl” contest. We had looked at past finalists, and many other non-winning entries on YouTube, and knew that Doritos favored a kind of locker-room, male-based physical humor to their spots. This is not a criticism at all — it plays right into the heart of the demographic watching football, and so it made sense.

It would have also been a smart move on our part to try to mine that vein: The six finalists all feature some of that knockabout, physical humor.

But we took a gentle approach, kind of whimsical, and also thought we’d try out a catch-phrase, “Dude, lid!” that we thought would be appealing. So we made the ad, posted it on the Doritos site, and hoped for the best. We knew, after the comments that were posted (only a few are from people who had anything to do with the making of the ad) and after showing it in public and private showings, that our ad seemed to appeal across all demographics – men, women, kids. We had very, very high hopes.

We learned today that we didn’t make the final top 6 finalists. They are all good ads. I can’t say they are better than ours –- they are certainly not technically better -– but they’re different and will play very well. Congratulations to all the people who created them.

We’re disappointed, but we know the game. But take a moment to watch our ad.

To the Doritos folks, we say: If you’re ever in the market to make an ad with a somewhat different take, please give us a call. We’d be thrilled.

We’d also like the local market in New Hampshire/Maine/Massachusetts that Roundtable Creative is now producing ads for broadcast and the web. Please e-mail us at for rates and availability.

In the meantime, buy Doritos. Great product. Great contest.

Here’s the link to our ad:


Film New Hampshire announces upcoming screenings of our work

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Click on the link below for the story on Roundtable Pictures screening its latest film, “Tuesday Morning,” our Doritos ad, and our award-winning film “The Listeners” at the Red Door in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire-based Roundtable Pictures debuts new film and Doritos ad

Check Out Our Doritos Ad

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Mike Gillis and I had been talking about our next film — one we hoped to start filming around Christmas — when we also started to explore the idea of creating advertisements. There is, obviously, a real craft and art to making a great ad, and there is a kind of storytelling discipline to it that we find appealing.

One day, during these discussions, Mike sent me a link to a contest,, which was sponsored by Doritos and offered a million dollar prize. It seemed like the right thing to do, so I came up with a script, Mike started to talk to technicians and sound people, and we explored a few casting ideas. We immediately came up with a few names of guys we knew were funny, but not actors, and said let’s just move right ahead. So we asked Scott Bourget, who is the CFO of the company I work for; Mark Dearborn, who is a graphic designer and who created the gorgeous Roundtable Pictures logo, and Chris Curtis, who is an actor and film programmer, and who also starred in our earlier short film, “A Bootful of Fish.” They all said yes.

Mike talked to Jonathon Millman, who had shot our films “The Listeners” (2005) and “A Bootful of Fish” (2006), and Jonathon helped assemble guys like Sean Mitchell, who let us use his digital camera; Stan Barker, who did the sound, and Jason Santo, who brought his light kit, and Dave Langley and a whole crew of other people who filled up a beautiful house in Dover, NH for an entire day one Sunday.

The shoot was fun — continuing the Roundtable ethos that you can try to create something worthwhile and also have a good time. We were supported by the fact that we had three great actors play the girlfriends, Angel Smith, Adrienne Montezonis and Dianna Larocque. They were all great.

Mike and I spent a couple of nights editing, and Mike picked out the music from the toolkit supplied by Doritos. He made sure the “Doritos crunch” was used properly, and he and I had a little celebration when we uploaded the video at his house one night.

Check out our ad by clicking the image below (click “skip intro” on the splash page to jump straight to the ad). If you want to look at others, visit To see what others have said about it, you can look it up under the title, “The Main Ingredient”, or by director, which is Roundtablepictures. If you are sampling “all” videos, it’s number 1496. Post a comment if you so choose.



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