Haven’t Seen ‘Bighorn’? Check It Out Right Here

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Our friend Freddie Catalfo’s short film “Bighorn” continues to make the rounds at festivals and generate buzz. Wondering what it’s all about? See it right here. Catalfo describes “Bighorn” as “a 15-minute, supernatural historical fantasy based on a true fact: that General Custer’s bandmaster, Felix Vinatieri — an Italian immigrant and the great-great-grandfather of Super Bowl-winning kicker Adam Vinatieri — was ordered to stay behind at the 7th Cavalry’s Powder River camp and missed the Battle of the Little Bighorn. The story takes place in 2002 and 1876. BIGHORN is the latest from award-winning filmmakers Alfred Thomas Catalfo (writer/director of the internet hit “The Norman Rockwell Code” and winner of 21 major screenwriting competitions) and Glenn Gardner (producer of Cannes Film Festival Palm d’Or winner “Sniffer”). The renowned Steve Alexander, recognized by the U.S. Congress as the world’s foremost Custer living historian, portrays Custer. Native American and adopted Lakota Bill Watkinson portrays the Lakota Medicine Man. The NFL graciously granted the filmmakers permission to use footage from the 2002 Super Bowl.”


Will The Real Mall Cop Please Stand Up — If Possible

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Seems there is some speculation out there about who deserves credit for unleashing the unexpected box-office smash, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.”

Visit Defamer and the Sun Times for the scoop, which mentions our friend Freddie Catalfo, whose screenplay “Mall Cop” has earned a host of awards.

— Mike Gillis


You can also find an update in Foster’s Daily Democrat here:


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Stay tuned to Roundtable Pictures for updates on the swirling controversy.

See the trailer for “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” below:


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